Marketing Your Online Boutique!

Looking for consistent sales? You need a consistent sales strategy!
You, just like me became an entrepreneur to work for yourself so that you can free up your time and have more freedom.

If you'r working hard to get sales, and not working on building your skills and creating strategies to get sales, that is where you should start! 

This is what I did to grow my online boutique from $0 in sales every month to making thousands in sales every month consistently. 

#1. Master Marketing.

Having a business is not just about creating a website, making logos, adding products, and posting on social media. 

It takes a lot of hard work and patience and marketing is just one skill you have to work hard on and master. 

Hopefully after reading this post, I've made it a lot more simple and easy for you! 

If you're sending paid ads to your website with no marketing strategy in place, you're most likely not getting any success and wasting a lot of money.

If you're sending free traffic to your website with no marketing strategy, you are also losing out on a lot of money.

Your sales process and sales strategy starts with setting up your system before you send traffic to it. Without a properly built system your sending traffic to nothing really. 

So lets' start from the beginning.

What is marketing?

The action of promoting and selling products or services, including market research.

First things first: You need a clear and precise breakdown of who you'r targeting.

Before you can make money consistently by marketing to a potential customer, you need to know exactly who that person is. 

Ask yourself who your target customer is, what does do? What age is she? How does she look? Where does she live? 

You need a very very very detailed description of her, so that when you go out and market to her, you know who she is.

Need help finding your target customer?

I've created a ready to use template with all of the questions you need to ask yourself to find your target customer. 

Click here to fill it out. 

After you've figured out who your target customer is, the next skill you need to master is how to connect with her.

Techniques to connect with your target customer includes: 

  • Email marketing: creating email subjects that excite her to open your emails.
  • Creating email campaigns that connect her to your brand and builds trust with her so she will listen to you and actually want to shop with you.

Having trouble creating emails? Don't know what to say in your emails or just not sending emails at all? Either way you're leaving a lot of money on the table, by not tapping into this powerful marketing strategy.

Click here to get my step by step guide on how to build a email marketing campaign that will help you connect with your audience.

The next thing I did to grow my online boutique was create a step by step marketing plan for each of the social platforms I advertise on.

"Without a plan, you plan to fail."

You literally have to plan the steps you're going to take,  in your marketing strategy. 

This is the strategy I used and it works! 

Click here to get your social media marketing strategy planner for facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest and more. 

Non effective marketing:

I can tell right away why a brand is not getting sales by their Instagram posts and captions. 

As a boutique owner your target customer has a common liking to fashion and clothes, so what can you say to her to make a connection and touch on some of her pain points?

Remember, having a business is all about solving problems.

So start solving problems in your marketing tactics.

Have a new product?

Instead of posting "New product alert" with a picture of the product.

Maybe you'r boutique marketing tactic can focus on style guides, then show your audience how to wear the product and style it differently for different occasions.

Your captions need to be thought out and made to connect!

No more just posting product photos. The typical white background product photos doesn't get people excited to shop at your store! 

Product photos should be on your website's product page only! 

Remember social media was created for you to be social, so post pictures and videos that are fun and engaging, and naturally people will interact with your content. 💕

Do you need help creating content that connects with your target customer? Ive got you covered.  

 "How To Grow Your Online Boutique" is an innovative ebook, ready for you to download and simply follow all the steps to set up your whole marketing system. From captions, social media posts, email campaigns and more! 
Thank you so much for reading!


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