Boutique Sales Guide!

Are you looking for more consistent sales within your online boutique?  
Well you've come to the right place!
If you want consistent sales,
you have to follow these three steps.
#2. Marketing.
#3. Advertising.
These three elements have to be mastered and set up before you can get to your goal.
So let's dive deep into the three steps! 


Branding: is the identity of your company, the first thing that comes to people's minds when they interact with your business. 
    Brand Like A Pro:
    In order to brand your business correctly you need to define your brand. 
    Does your website have a clear message about who you are and what you do?
    Everything from your product page, to your about page, should clearly tell the user why having your products in their life will benefit them. 
    There are so many other websites that have and do what you do, so making it very clear as to why your product is the best, will really push your audience towards focusing more on your business for their needs.
    Your branding has to be very distinctive and cohesive, from your website to the way that you communicate with your customers. Everything your audience encounters with your brand need to be perfectly thought out and consistent. 
    did a great job at conveying their message on their about page! 

    Your brand is the image customers have of your business.
    Take the time to define your brand thoughtfully and early, so your company’s image is what you intend it to be.
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    #2. MARKETING:

    Marketing: is the process of identifying your customers needs and determining how to best meet their needs with your products. 

    Innovate Your Marketing Skills: 
    Your marketing skills have to be innovative and creative to really see major changes with your online store.
    Just posting pictures of your products and saying to "shop now" or "we have a sale" will not going to change anything.
    You have to dig deeper! You have to make a connection!
    You have to be different from your competitors, showing your audience quality content that makes them want to engage with your business and trust you.
    Every message about your company is part of your marketing.
    This includes all social media interactions, customer service, personal relationships, printed materials, websites, social media posts, and anything that contains you'r brand imagery.

    Creating a marketing plan includes several fundamental steps, including: 

        • Defining your target audience, that is, who is most likely to buy your product or service.
        • Determining which products your target audience is likely to buy.
        • Promoting your company and products via, facebook, instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, word of mouth, etc.
        • Providing value, brand awareness and building trust.
        • Email marketing, building relationships with your audience. 
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    Advertising: The exercise of promoting your product through paid channels.

    Effective Advertising:
    Before you pay for ads and send traffic to your website or social media accounts, you need to make sure you'r advertising correctly or you can lose a lot of time and money. 
    Successful advertising begins with knowledge of your marketplace, and your target customer.
    Who are your customers?
    What do they need?
    What do they want that you can provide?
    All of this should be clear in your advertisement.
    It is imperative that you create a profile of your core customer, then laser-focus your message to that profile.
    Otherwise, you risk creating an ineffective message with an unclear focus that strikes at the heart of no one.
    Be specific in your profile, because it defines what you say, how and where you say it.
    After you have defined your target customers, use social media trends and value to create ads that engage your potential customers! 
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    Thank you for reading!


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