Consistent Sales Strategy. ūüíį‚úĒÔłŹ‚ú®

When it comes to getting consistent sales in your business, there are three key things you need to focus on in order to get those sales rolling in daily.  

#1. Have a sales process.

Set up your sales process/ sales funnels before sending organic or paid traffic to your website/offer.
Sales funnels include:
 welcome email sequences, nurturing emails sequences, abandoned cart sequences.
Without those systems in place you have no process to take your traffic through. 
New business owners think that you can just send new traffic that have never heard of you, or do not trust you to your website and they will just purchase from you and that's not the case.
Know your sales process.
The first type of commitment potential customers make is signing up to your email list. 
This shows you that they are interested in your business and your products, but now this is the time to build a relationship with your subscribers.
Sending out automated emails about your brands message, what you stand for and the benefits of your products will sway your potential customers into paid customers, and hopefully returning customers.
But this is a process you have to set up, and a lot of new business owners are missing this key part in their business.
A great automated email software to use is Mailchimp.
Nurturing emails give your audience a clear message of who you are as a company, what you stand for and builds trust and relationships with your subscribers.
Heres an example of a nurturing email:
It talks about your story and where you began, giving your audience insight into your journey as a business. 

#2 Advertise Effectively. 

Know how to properly advertise, and yo sell without selling.

Know the social media platform you're promoting on and how to use their language.

Facebook Groups:

This is social media, make your promotions conversational like a regular post on facebook, not like an ad.

It would be more effective to have a video of herself using the products, showing people the results.
Instead of asking for ppl to place orders, ask "anyone dealing with skin problems?" Now you'r calling out to a specific person, then your captions should just be about the benefits of your skin care products.

Learn every social media platform & how to effectively promote on each platform.

They are all different so you have to change up your promotions for each platform.

#3. Be social.

Have ten or more conversations a day.

You are on social media so talk to as many people as you can. 

Engage on their posts and engage with the people who engage with you. 

That is how I made over $1,000 last year.. by talking to people.

These are the three ways I get consistent sales in my business and as you can see they work.. so be consistent and believe in your abilities! 

You got this! 


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