High Converting Sales Funnel.

Sales Funnel Defined:

The process of turning a stranger into a customer.
Before you can make a high converting sales funnel, you need to define your target audience.
Define Your Target Audience Here!

Sales Funnel Steps:

Step #1. Brand Awareness:


Give value, no selling.

Find a pain point, ask a question?

You are looking for engagement not sales in the first step of brand awareness.

You'r getting people that are interested in your products to come into your universe based on their interests, not by selling to them.

Step #2. Show Your Value:

Quality photos, valuable captions, professional conversations, professional website, defined and put together social media accounts. 

Step #3. Lead Marketing:

The content you post, has a purpose and is leading them to the next step in the sales funnel.

Your captions should speak directly to the person.

Example "Hey girl" not "Hey ladies".

Step #4. Memorable Experience

Make every interaction with your brand memorable, make your audience feel a connection with your brand.

Step #5. Website Visit:

Now they are invested more into your brand, so they visit your website to see more of what you'r about.

Make sure you'r about page is very clear and connecting.

Step #6. Turn Visitor Into Lead:

They sign up to your email list. This is where you need to have your automated emails being sent out to your email subscribe to build a more personal relationship.

Click here for your email marketing guide.

Step #7. You Make A Sale!

The most rewarding part of the sales process for a business owner!

Make sure the product is of quality before sending it out.

Step #8. Loyalty Building

Send follow up emails, ask for reviews, build a community, have good customer service all of these things will help you build a loyal customer base.

Here is an in-depth step by step guide that will help you turn strangers into customers! 

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